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COVID -19 Update

COVID -19 Update

Since the beginning of our organization, we have been consistently promoting Chinatown and the City of Philadelphia by offering rich and unique cultural experiences to its residents and visitors from all over the world. Dumpling Academy and Five Spice Philly have been prominent and influential in both the American and Chinese communities of Philadelphia.

As an Asian American immigrate, I strive to bring together and bridge the cultural boundaries of the two communities. However, we have lost our rental space due to the COVID-19 crisis. Extensive interactions among instructors, students, and guests are paramount to our cultural and art programs. To ensure the safety of our workers and our community members, we had to cancel all our pre-scheduled programs and classes. We are currently applying for a grant and believe the grant would revitalize our business, providing us with a new space and the facilities to further our mission to coalesce and unify the two distinctively individual communities.


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