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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Just got another review today:

Stephanie Stephanie·November 2019

Our family of four (2 adults, two young teens) had a wonderful time making dumplings with Apple. Apple was great to communicate with in advance. We started the experience with a trip to a local Asian market (which we never would've noticed on our own, but we liked so much we returned afterwards to do some shopping) and Apple showed us around the whole store as we picked out ingredients to use. We then when back to her condo and had a wonderful time making dumplings - they were delicious and we made (and ate!) so many. We've taken cooking classes before as a family and this was very unique - all of us, no matter ability, were able to participate and we learned enough to be able to now easily do dumplings at home. Since the weather was cold, Apple also had us make wonton soup, which was easy enough for anyone to do and delicious. The whole experience was one of our favorite memories from our trip - when we return to Philadelphia, we will definitely book another class with Apple.

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